Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making of Flabby Part 2: Sugar Flabby

After settling on the chocolate pillars, our designer set out to design a sweeping backdrop where Flabby would traverse effortlessly accompanied by landscape where players would eat up (it?) continuously.  Our design references included sweet classics like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the classic board game "Candy Land".

After a few sketches, our designer came up with something very delicious: Ice cream topped mountains, lollipop trees and candy cane branches, the stage was set for some sugary soaring.  However, the initial design didn't work out for us.  Do you see what's wrong?

Besides giving players tooth decay just from looking at it, the design was too busy. Consider the Flabby Birds in the top right.  Once they start flapping, surely they will be difficult to see and be lost in the background, distracting players and giving them a hard time to achieve high scores.

Find out what we did to rectify this in the exciting conclusion of: Making of Flabby!


Download the game to find out LOL

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