Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brand New Flabby Bird Tips To Improve Your Score

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What was your high score on Flappy Bird?  7?  15?  46?  How would you like to score in the hundreds!  After playing so many different clones, I’ve arrived at a deeper understanding of how to get high scores on the unflappable original.  With the rumored return of Flappy Bird, perhaps you can beat that old, embarrassing high score of yours with the following brand new tips:

Fear no gravel
You’re a bird for crying out loud!  Don’t be afraid of gravity and tap only when necessary.  Falling is no big deal.  Trust in your flabby wings and tap only when necessary and in a controlled manner.  Hug the bottom of the obstacles and stay low.

Play against friends on the same device
This creates an interesting dynamic because clearly you want to own the high score on your phone, while your friends want to leave their mark too!  I found that this really made us improve at a startling rate.  Competition is a strong, if not the best, motivator of getting better.

Keep calm and flap on
Ever notice that the closer you get to your previous high score, the more nervous you become?  In fact, there is absolutely no reason to fret.  Understand that this game is 100% consistent.  The speed, the space between pipes, the size of Flappy, gravity, everything is constant.  How far you go is entirely up to you.

Play clones
This probably sounds blasphemous but with the plethora of clones out there, it’s in your best interest to play them and find one you like!  After you’ve mastered that, come back to Flappy Bird and you’ll be surprised and how much better you do.  Below are some of the best clones to train in:

Flappy Wings: iPhone & iPad | Android

Flabby Bird: iPhone & iPad | Android

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